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Sri Vrindavan Dham

Vrindavan is pious and holy play place of lord Krishna. VRINDAVAN - a sacred place with the essence of love in its nuke n corner. A place where people still experince the very existence of LORD KRISHNA, whom they worship eversince his childhood to His age of glory and power. Not to say , but the residents of this place are surely the blessed once to take birth at this place. I myself have been there for quite a lot of years and i do have a special bonding to this place and will always be there till the life ends. Its hard to describe the beauty n spiritual power of this place in words so u have to be there and feel the air around and the smell the enchanting 'BRIJDHOOLI' which is containing the essence of YAMUNAJI as well as SHRI KRISHNA. -about YAMUNAJI , The river flows through this sacred place and adds to its spirituality which empowers the place with unusual DIVINITY. -The place holds importance due to its beautiful TEMPLES.

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